Ögon på besök/Visiting Eyes

  • Lars Nordström, Chairman of Board of Culture, Region Västra Götaland. Opening of the exhibition, Ögon på besök/Visiting Eyes, AvenyGallerian, 2011

  • Exhibited at AvenyGallerian, Gothenburg as part of Mexico in Region Västragötaland, October 2011, Belleza Natural, household paint on board, 2011

    The painting Belleza Natural, (household paint on board), 152 x 82 cm, 2011. Painting especially produced for event, Mexico in Region Västragötaland.

  • Dan Fröberg at the exhibition Ögon på besök/Visiting Eyes, AvenyGallerian Gothenburg, Sweden 2011

  • The painting Belleza Natural at AvenyGallerian, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2011

Ögon på besök/Visiting Eyes was an exhibition at AvenyGallerian in Gothenburg Sweden about the cultural exchange between Mexico and Sweden, taking place every year through the arts residency period in both countries.  Ögon på besök/Visiting Eyes was part of the event Mexico in Region Västragötaland, a cultural week in the area during October-November 2011 and the opening of the show followed the inauguration of the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera show, as well as the entire cultural week.


For further information please see link, http://mexicogotemburgo.blogspot.mx/2011/10/ogon-pa-besok-en-utstallning-av-emma.html

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